Oct 7, 2014

Wake up call

At 5:45am. I'm not sure where you even get a cutter like that. But I guess some people feel it's their right to not have to walk around private property. What fence?

Mar 29, 2014


Though after ten years, I can't make myself conjure it up at will, I got to hear my Gramma's voice last night. She only said, "Hi!"  I woke up before we got to have a real conversation, but it's comforting to know that somewhere in my brain everything about her is still there.

The last time I dreamt of her it was just of holding her hand.  She had the softest hands I've ever felt...

Jan 7, 2014

I'll miss them..

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies was always one of my favorite shows at Disneyland. When they moved them out of the Golden Horseshoe and over to Big Thunder Ranch, I think they lost a lot of their viewership. I would still go see them whenever I could, but I think most people just didn't know they were over there.

The end of an era..

Dec 23, 2013