Feb 22, 2006

random stuff.

This is a fun toy, you can see me doodle. :p CLICKITY

My nohohon.

And who needs a soft kitty bed when you have lumpy backpack thingy to sleep on?

Feb 5, 2006


So, I got to thinking. I've been bitten by many different animals over the course of my life...

• half a dozen or so dogs
• 3 or 4 birds
• 1 hamster
• 2 mice
• countless cats
• 1 small wild lizard
• 263 mosquitoes
• several fish (but in all fairness to the fish, they felt more like kisses.)

So now we can add one more to the list, the schizophrenic star of our show Toby!
Let's all hear it for Toby.. huzzah.

So after this lifetime of experience, I can come to one of two conclusions.
1. Most life on Earth wants me dead...
2. I'm really very tasty.