Sep 26, 2006

The new broccoli.

Hubby turned on the tv. He happened to stop on the Martha Stewart show.. Ted Turner was on. She asked him about his farm. He said, he's a rancher and raises bison. Martha said.. and this is an exact quote, "Is that the main crop that you grow?"

So for anyone that didn't know.. a rare animal that is one of the symbols of our country.. the mighty bison, is indeed a vegetable.

Sep 20, 2006

Old blog.

I was going through one of my old blogs and found this post from Jan. 21, 2005.

I crack me up!

° ° °
"So two days before a seemingly endless trek through the desert (swap meet) I went and kicked straight into the hardest end of a half open door, and now my weest piggy is all purple and swollen. All but broken I think. I haven't been able to wear shoes for those two days and have been tripping back and forth between sandals and slippers depending on the temperature. And come tomorrow I am expected to shove the wounded Suidae into hiking boots and walk over miles of gravel all while carting my less than svelte form around. Good times!!!

I'm also dealing with the moody nerve in my shoulder that is threatening to get pinched, and a cranky husband who possibly should be!

We went shopping today to get lunch suppiles for our badland trek. I was thinking I should bring something hearty like.. sandwiches for myself, so I picked up some Tofurky Italian Deli Slices and Vegan Mozzarella Flavour Slices. I think the abundance of the word "slices" should have been fair warning. As I was making my... sammich, I thought I'd taste the slightly tan "cheese" slice just so I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow. I now remember why I generally do not care for fake meat and cheese... it tastes like shite!! The "meat" mostly tasted like pepper thanks to the "Italian" part, so I threw the mozzarella cardboard in the trash and slapped the peppery soy slab onto my mustardy bread. I think I will be taking it into another state just to throw it away, but at least it will be as far away from me as I can possibly take it."


Ok.. so I've been telling both my husband and my mom that one day, while looking through the skirt racks at the Goodwill.. one day, I would find a kilt that had been misfiled with the womens skirts..

TODAY IS THAT DAY!! Bwahahahaaaa!

Ok, so it's not my clan's tartan, but it was half off, and really.. what's to complain about when it cost two dollars.


yeah.. I know girls aren't supposed to wear kilts, but when have I ever cared about "supposed to"?!

Sep 6, 2006


Now you can forget more than just your coat on the door to the bathroom stall!

Too bad it doesn't come with mini-straight jacket and gag! Now that would be a bargain!

Sep 2, 2006

Once upon a time...

my brother was over flipping channels. I was doing something else, and not really paying attention. Suddenly, he says, "There is only one thing worse than Lindsay Lohan!"

"There is not!" I say...

He says, "Two Lindsay Lohans!"