Aug 27, 2007


I finally had a dream about Cleo last night. Of course it wasn't a good one.

Actually it started out with a hamster. I often have dreams where I have a tank of fish that I've forgotten to feed and take care of. This was much the same. I had this hamster in a tiny cage, with some food that was very old and dried out. I started looking for some of my mom's old bird cages to change into a much bigger hamster cage. Later it changed so that I was trying to make Cleo a cage... she was so sick I didn't want her wandering all over the house; she could hurt herself.

The weird thing about these dreams, is that despite my incredible feelings of guilt, the thing I have failed to care for is never upset with me. That always comes across to me very clearly.

That's the only part I've never been able to make sense of...

Aug 23, 2007


Life is just not the same.

Aug 20, 2007

Aug 11, 2007


Sometimes I wish I could grade the notes we get through here and give them back... No service until you get it right.

Aug 8, 2007


So I was riding back down the hill from Mom's... Now, I still consider myself a no0b as far as motorcycles are concerned. I don't want to take a turn faster than I feel I can control, so whenever there are cars behind me, I pull into a turnout or stay to the right on the passing lanes so they can go around. When I got to the last passing lane, I made sure no one was behind me for as far as I could see. Once you get past that opportunity to pass, there aren't any more turnouts on the downhill side. So I'm going along and out of nowhere, there's a truck. One of those unnecessarily huge ones, it was almost as big as the guy's ego I'm sure.. He bears down on me and rides my tail all the way to the bottom. So when I get to the freeway ramps I stay on the left. The direction I need veers off to the left you see. Of course this guy has had quite enough of my responsible and conscientious driving and tries to pass me on the right. He goes racing up, but is impeded by a semi hauling a big bulldozery thing. He falls back and waits until I go past it, them zooms around. As he's getting ready to head off to the freeway on the right, he pushes the button for his power window and sticks his overly tan, Big finger out where he is sure I will see and realize my error.

What I want to know is, how is it my fault he has his head just that far up his butt?