Mar 9, 2012

And it was actually really scary.

I've said it before.. I need to stop taking B vitamins too close to bedtime. But I never listen.. and last night was..

Ok.. I was at my mom's house, and decided to walk to the post office. I started walking, waiting for mom to catch up. I went past this house that had a chain link fence. But it didn't have the bars across the top, so the links were all saggy. Making it easy for the two grizzly bears that were behind the.. What? Yes, grizzly bears. So there were two, a male and a female. As I was going by, the female was boosting up the male so he could get over the fence. Mom had caught up by this time.. just as he was coming over. We ran across the street and a couple houses down where some people were sitting out in their garage. Frantically, we asked if we could come inside until the bear passed. They said no! If he saw us come in he might tear their door down trying to get to us. Yeah.. thanks. They went inside and locked us out. Mom and I hid behind their car.. and this is where it starts to get weird. Yes, now.. shut up. So, their car was up on it's side. While we were hiding I got out my phone and was trying to find some streaming news about the bear (I dunno).. but all I got was snow. So I called my brother, who had seen the streaming news. The bear must have been moving really fast, because we weren't hiding long, but there was already news footage of the bear going in to a grocery store, on two legs mind you, with a revolver, and shooting some of the shoppers.

My first thought when I woke up? "How did he shoot the gun? Did he stick his claw through the trigger guard, or did he just squeeze the gun so hard that it went off?"

I don't even...

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